Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bruce and the mummies

Bruce Lee figure, and some beautifully preserved mummies. Banshee and Shiva both seemed to have to have well sustained ka, ba, and akh. This would most likely please Anubis, allowing Banshee and Shiva protection til their access to the after world.It is no doubt that Banshee and Shiva's aspirations were that of eternal life. For both beings were very much alive before mummification process had begun. Although
Shiva seemed to have suffered the loss of a limb and 1st degree burns on his face, Banshee on the other hand seemed to be in prime health before the mummification process even began. This draws us to the conclusion that Banshee was no doubt confident about his insurance into the after life. Did Shiva and Banshee fulfill their dreams of meeting the guardian Anubis? Were they able to achieve their goal of eternal life? These are questions we may never have answers to.